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Alhaya group is an independent medical consumables and equipment importing company located at Tripoli Libya. We work to support the health sector across Libya, providing our products and services to all cities. We deal with public and private hospitals, clinics and pharmacies to ease distributing the necessary products to the patients. We also thrive to provide unique medical services that are not provided easily in Libya. Providing those services is a part of our commitment to mitigate the problems and difficulties that the patients face; and to have a positive impact that the people can actually feel. We believe that one of our top strengths is sustaining a strong and professional relationships with our suppliers as well as our customers.

Our Mission is to exceed the expectations of the people by providing sustainable products, high quality equipment, and unique services.
Our Vision is To be the private pioneer company in manufacturing, importing, and providing medical services and products.
Our Goals is to foster the relations with our suppliers each year, Expand the range of the exported products and equipment, and Minimize the customers' complaints about our products and services.

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Oxygen mask

-Size: adult standard Made of transparent soft PVC for good visualization.
- Comfortable fit with good seal.
- With head strap and adjustable nose clip.
- Sterile individually packed in peel-able blister pack.
nebulizae with mask.jpg

Nebulizer with mask and tubing

-Size: pediatric.
- Made of transparent soft material for good visualization .
- Comfortable fit with good seal.
- The anatomical form is ideal for long term use.
- With head strap and adjustable nose clip.
- Clear transparent medicine chamber allows view of nebulization of the medicine.
- Sterile individually packed in peel-able blister pack.

Gloves non sterile pre-powdered

-Material: natural high quality latex.
- Widely used in medical examination, food processing, chemical, hair cutting, beauty salon and printing.
- 100 pcs/box.
- Available sizes : Small , medium and large.

Gloves : sterile , Pre-powdered

-Natural high quality rubber latex.
- Gamma ray/ETO ( Ethylene oxide ) sterilized.
- Shelf life 5 years from the date of manufacturing.
- 1 pair/pkt.
urine bag.jpg

Urine Bag

-Non return valve prevents the backflow of urine to minimize the risk of infection.
- Sterile.
- Capacity 2000 ml.
- Flexible smooth kink resistant inlet tube ensures a steady drainage.
- Precise easy to read scale every in ml.
- 90 cm tube.

Electrosurgical pencil

-Stainless steel blade and sturdy universal 3 prong connector.
- Cord is light and pliable for interference free use by the surgeon.
- Strong material.
- Great design that makes the operator comfortable during operation.

ESU grounding pad with cable

-Monopolar adult grounding pads.
- Offer extra patient safety.
- Hydrogel maintains complete contact over the entire pad area minimizing hot spots.
- Does not cause irritation or sensitization to the skin.
- Cord is light weight and pliable , without annoying kinks or bends for interference free use by surgeons.
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